Halloween May Scare You, but Battling Breast Cancer was the Spookiest this October

Aside from the chills and thrills of Halloween or lavishing in the much welcomed fall weather, October claims the prize as the most memorable month for reasons of much more significance. As September rolled to an end my mother lay resting in her bed healing from a double mastectomy.

What many women cherish as validation to their femininity, my mom elected to have both breasts removed to save her life.   This hit our family like a brick straight to face, rendering us senseless.  Days after my mom’s surgery I get a call from my best friend revealing that her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer as well.  When I thought things couldn’t get worse, I find myself sitting across from my teary-eyed sister as we anxiously await results of a mammogram eventually revealing two unidentified masses in her right breast.

My insides craved to surrender to the ceaseless turmoil of October, but I chose to be strong.  I chose to look cancer in its face and denounce its power and influence over my family and loved ones.   What I find most ironic about these 31 days is the declaration of celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness.  How could one expect to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness when my family is actively fighting it?

Reminiscing over this month, I’m in complete awe of my mother.  This process brought out a fearless warrior, slashing through this process and taking no prisoners. Defeat was not an option. I cherish her and appreciate her deeply for showing me what true strength is.

We made it through October and look forward to November.  More specifically,  our family vacation to Puerto Rico and a 7-day Caribbean cruise to wash away the woes of the SPOOKtacular month of October.

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