Computers… The Real Enemy

Forget the fact that computers were supposed to make everything easier for us. Computers have gone a step further making people, the ones who thought they needed computers, obsolete. In an economy that is finally on the verge of growth again, we are no strangers to wondering where all the jobs are. The fact is our computers, the ones that were supposed to make life easier, put us in a tight squeeze breeding a generation just like the 1930’s begging for a source of income and a way to afford living.

Brian Hayes points out that the telephone operator industry used to have 250,000 plus jobs, now it’s under 30,000. That is just one example of an industry computers have made practically archaic. So I’ve come to the conclusion computers are doing more harm than good when it comes to jobs and the economy.

The problem is I am almost certain a select few, probably a number around 10,000 maybe lower are making an absolute killing off these wonderful devices. Cheap labor, cheap maintenance (to a degree), and no requirement to pay for health insurance, makes using computers and robots a great idea for giant corporations. But the little guy is the one getting snubbed. The little guy who owns his own small business as well as the little guy who needs a job to put food on the table for his family. But hey, there’s always a chance for the younger generation coming through, they can be the ones responsible for getting an education to make the big bucks. And I am fairly certain the majority of their education in their time will come from… a computer.

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