Losing Jobs to Machines

It has always been a worry to the job marketplace that factories would completely replace humans with machines, putting large amounts of people out of the job.  But I don’t feel like this is weighing so heavily as it did before.  I think it is crazy to think about the evolution of jobs.  Yes, people were worried that these technologies were the inevitable replacement, but think about all of the jobs that these technologies have created.  For example, the Internet.  Think of how many people have been employed since the launch of the Internet.  Or the creation of automobiles.  Today there are countless car companies that employs thousands of people or more.  Its seems as if our jobs are just shifting to a more intellectual labor compared to the more physical labor many years ago.    With companies like Google and Facebook being so successful, it creates unlimited job opportunities.  It seems like everything just comes full circle.  Where we lose one thing, we gain another.  Obviously it is no big secret that unemployment is higher than ever, but to some extent I think the economy regulates itself.  It sort of balances out, but there is only so much the economy can do on its own.  We need to create a thriving economy again so the balance will be right.

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