Could Smartphone Curfews Benefit Young Students More Than Punishment?

I found it interesting to read that a city in Japan has created a rule than bans elementary and junior high students from using their phones after 9 P.M.  After 9, they are required to give their phone to their parents for the night.  This is supposed to help refrain children from always responding to friends and gaming.  By giving up their phone their attention can be used for actual studying and even getting a good night sleep.

What I don’t understand is why does a city have to set a rule for this kind of behavior?  Shouldn’t it be the parents’ responsibility to monitor their kids technology use and create limitations?

It seems that almost everyone has a smartphone and is almost inseparable from it.  Now that kids younger and younger are getting them, is it harder for parents to regulate that?  Or are parents too worried now that they will be the “bad” parent so they let their kids do whatever they want.  It seems that if your child is spending to much time on a phone that you would have them cut back to focus on more important things.

Now that Kariya, Japan has this rule, will it set a more responsible standard for other children in Japan?  Here in the United States, should parents start focusing more on a technology bedtime rather than a real bed time?  How could we control technologically dependent behaviors when people use it anywhere at anytime.

Or is a society driven by online communication something we all just need to get used to?

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