Google Trying to Trademark the Word “Glass”

Google Glass is really, desperately attempting trademark the word glass. Google has submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It failed to meet the criteria in order to be trademarked. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office stated that trademarking the word “glass” would be too confusing, and it would also not be distinctive. The word glass is too common anyways. People break glass, drink from a glass, and in general wear glasses.

The attempt was done as a part of Google’s new convergence device, Google Glass.  This device can be worn as regular glasses and acts a cellular mobile device. Other companies do this all the time. However, Google might have an even more difficult time, and not because the name is too generic. Google Glass, has come under fire lately. It has been deemed somewhat controversial. One woman was assaulted in a bar for wearing them.I know personally, for myself, that I would not be comfortable being surrounded by people wearing Google Glass. I would feel like they were secretly recording me.

Google even though it is so powerful, might not get their wish granted. The term glass is too general. One of the main criteria for how trademark can lose its status is if the term is commonly used. The word “glass” is already used frequently, and many businesses would have to be careful about using the word glass in either print or any commercial/broadcast. However, in this day an age anything is possible, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the word Glass was successfully trademarked.

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