Could the City of Orlando Get Free WIFI?

I think it is safe to say that technology is growing more prevalent every year and that there is a constant demand for Internet access. With technology becoming more of a necessity than a luxury in our every day lives. It would be convenient and beneficial if wireless Internet (WI-FI) would be offered in the city of Orlando for free. Now you may say is this possible? And yes, yes it is. Orlando would not be the first city to do this. Cities such as San Francisco, Raleigh, Albany, and more have already installed and are currently running free Wi-Fi.

Orlando being one of the largest cities in Florida and also one of the biggest vacation destinations in the world it would make sense to expand electronically as well. Over half of Orlando’s population is students so it would only make sense to offer to accommodate the students. Offering Free Wi-Fi to the 3 major colleges (University of Central Florida, Full Sail, Valencia College) in Orlando would be a great thing for the student and city.

One of the first questions that arise is how is it going to be paid for? San Francisco did not have to dish out a dime for their WIFI; Google funded the entire operation for providing free Wi-Fi, roughly costing the googlers $608,000. Now I doubt Google will come save the day for Orlando like it did for San Francisco, but I am sure another fortune 500 companies would not mind cutting a check to get the advertising benefits that it would bring, by bringing free WI-FI to the city of Orlando.

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