Animal Testing: The Ugly Truth

Animal testing is a real issue that has been carelessly hurting animals for several years. These animals are locked inside cages longing for freedom, but their reality faces pain, torture, sadness and anguish. Nearly all the animals used for testing will die from the experiment’s outcome.

Just as humans, these animals can develop neurotic behaviors from their frustration, which will lead them to run around in circles, pull out their own fur and even bite themselves. According to PETA more than 100 million animals will die each year from animal testing.

Just a few examples of these cruelty tests include forcing dogs to consume pesticides, forcing mice to inhale toxic gases, applying toxic chemicals into rabbits’ eyes and the list goes on. The dilemma lays on the fact that just because a product harms animals, does not mean it will not be on the market for consumers to purchase. Also, just because a product tested safe for animals, does not mean it will also be safe for humans. We have a completely different system than animals do.

Today, many countries have already banned animal testing. However, there are many countries that still do it. There are other ways to test the safety of a product without hurting and killing animals. Some of these procedures include tests using human cells and tissues- in vitro method. There is also the advanced computer-modeling techniques- in silico model. These are the most popular ones and are also a lot less expensive and time consuming.

We can always do our part by spreading the word about animal testing and researching companies that are against this issue before buying anything. If we were the ones caged up and being tortured, we would not like it. So let’s be mindful and love our environment.

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