Microsoft’s Integration Strategy Continues to Solidify With Upcoming Surface Phone

Microsoft has continued it’s push into the device world. This is a company that’s not continuously considered cool, or hip. In the cell phone industry they have lagged for too long, and when they release a new device it’s not an event for legions of devotees to their brand.

Since Microsoft has purchased Nokia’s handset division, they have remained in the bottom of the market share fight with Google, Apple, Samsung. The cell phone market is highly saturated. However, Microsoft knows that its focus in cloud computing requires them to get into the market, and CEO Sataya Nadella sees this as an opportunity.

Integration is the name of the game for the tech world, and will continue to spread into the future. There part of the game isn’t completely about market share. In fact, they only need to worry about selling enough to keep that segment profitable.

So, if their game isn’t about being number one, then what is it?

Microsoft has the most widely used operating system, and they share the broadest reach internationally with Google. Microsoft knows that corporations in emerging markets will more than likely grow with Windows, if they want to branch out globally, or even interact with international companies. As those companies grow, the availability of integrated devices will see a boost in phone sales, and keep Microsoft competitive globally.

However, never rule out Microsoft becoming large in the devices industry. Microsoft has always been a software company, but now the ability to build their own devices, such as the highly successful Surface and Surface Pro. The Surface phone looks to bring a new dimension to Microsoft, and the rest of the tech world should take notice.

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