Does Working Out Harm My Bones?

We have all heard the countless rants regarding health. One moment eating a particular item is good for you and the next it is the leading cause for cancer. This may be a drastic example, but this statement holds some weight. Long gone are the days where we know exactly what is healthy and what is truly not.

We have come to face another dilemma where we are constantly told that working out will eventually lead to built up of strong bones. According to the article in the New York Times “Exercise Is Not the Path to Strong Bones” by Gina Kolata, exercise has little or no effect on bone strength. The news of this fact can alter how we look at exercise. How do we strengthen our bones in the first place?

Scientist have spent a lot of time in studying the effect exercise has on the body. These detailed studies “failed to find anything more than a minuscule exercise effect — on the order of 1 percent or less, which is too small to be clinically significant”. Meaning there is no actual benefit to our bones from exercise, and if there is, it is barely noticeable.

The mystery continues as more scientist continue to do research on whether our bones benefit from working out. However, It is a fact that exercise builds muscle, which makes us healthier humans. Our focus should be on the pursuit of healthiness and we should strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle however that looks like.

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