Craft Beers: How a Passion Can Create a Career

Recently, there has been quite a buzz surrounding craft beers and their influence on the current beer market. These new creations are growing the palates of many people around the United States from liking the malty, pilsner style lager we are used to, into taste buds that want something a little more than the factory ale. In order to be considered a craft brew, breweries must fall within a certain distribution range and be separate from any conglomerate, such as Miller. With knowledge so readily available these days, all it takes is a few bucks, some determination and a creative mind in order to create a beer business that mixes passion with profit.

Take 7eventh Sun Brewery out of Dunedin, Florida. Two partners joined heads and, with their own hard work, created a line of beers that are creating a stir in the beer community. They started out brewing their creations in a narrow hallway with only the smallest amount of equipment. Now, they have multiple, one-of-a-kind offerings that are being brewed in a low-key yet professional setup. Taking their passion for beer to the next level, Devon Kreps and Justin Strange created their own micro brewery in a tiny storefront location that now houses some of Florida’s most unique and creative concoctions.

Craft beers have been called a fad; however, I’m not so sure about that. By getting people used to the complex flavors that craft beers have to offer, brewers have created an entire generation of beer aficionados. Much like a fine wine, craft brews are the centerpiece for many social gatherings and that trend is just now taking off into a multi-million dollar industry nation wide. Giving proof to the idea that drinking can sometimes pay off.

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