Anthony Bennett Finds His Role In Cleveland

In this year’s NBA Draft the Cleveland Cavaliers had the first overall selection. Cleveland is a team that has plenty of young players with promising potential, and this draft was an opportunity to get even better. Cleveland is set at point guard with Kyrie Irving, who they hope will sign long term with the team. They also have Dion Waiters, who they drafted last year. The needs for Cleveland this year are post scoring and a versatile wing man. The Cavs potential draft prospects included Victor Oladipo, Otto Porter, and Nerlens Noel.

On draft night, the Cavaliers shocked everyone when they selected Anthony Bennett. Bennett is a 6’8” forward from UNLV. He was projected to be a top 15 pick, but no one thought he was good enough to be the first player taken overall. He is not big enough to play power forward, and he is not fast enough to play small forward. The Cavs certainly thought Bennett could fit in with their team, and after his showing this preseason it seems that Anthony Bennett has the ability to be a superstar.

This weekend Anthony Bennett and the Cavaliers faced the Orlando Magic in a preseason game. The Magic have Victor Oladipo, who many thought Cleveland should have taken in the draft with the first pick. Bennett scored 16 points in the game, including 14 points in the fourth quarter alone. Cleveland ended up winning the game by 5 points. After receiving lots of criticism for selecting Anthony Bennett with the number 1 pick in the draft, it looks like Bennett will be a great fit in Cleveland.

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