Positive and Negative Effects to Exercising with a Cold

Every time I have a cold or even a headache, it’s easy to just say “i won’t workout today”. However, with some moderate activity, the body could begin to feel better. Dr. Richard Besser says “If your symptoms are above the neck — sneezing, sinus pressure, stuffy nose — then breaking a sweat is generally considered safe”.

Walking, jogging, and taking a dance class is the best for a person feeling under the weather. Also known to be good for someone is Qi gong, a combination of martial arts and meditation. Qi gong is used for people to decrease stress and boost energy, without breaking a serious sweat. Yoga and breathing exercises help the body build an immunity and relieve anxiety. It seems that activities which require cardio, stretching, and synchronized movements are the best for a person with a cold to do.

It is said that machines at the gym, lifting weights, team sports, and endurance running are to be the worst thing for someone feeling sick to act on. There is no need to train for a long distance marathon when having a cold; small excerpts of running is better. We all know we don’t want the sickness to spread, so gym appliances and playing with a team should be out of the question. It is also definitely likely for a person’s strength and endurance to dwindle while on a cold. Lifting weights to bulk up is unnecessary when sick.

Your body deserves a couple days to relax when feeling under the weather. So, I was interested to see that getting up and doing some activity can really help the body get healthy again. Of course, it is essential to balance exercise out with the seriousness of your symptoms.

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