Cubs vs Mets: The series for the ages that’s the beginning of this rivalry

Each team journey to this National League Championship series has been different from each other. As the Chicago Cubs finished the regular season with 97-65, they had to play in a wild card game against the Pittsburgh Pirates to advance to the playoffs which they won 1-0. Unlike New York Mets they advance by winning their division; they played The Los Angeles Dodgers that had the most expense payroll in MLB. Mets ended up winning the series 3-2.

Now, these teams are facing each other to see who will advance to the world series. Many theatrical moments of these teams facing each other have been made, from back to the future prediction to Rookie of the year (1993).

The first game was decided by an error from the Chicago Cubs that gave the New York Mets a late score and with the great performance by Matt Harvey, Mets is leading the series 1-0. As this series continues, it will show how each teams/ pitchers will produce throughout this series. Next game will reflect two of the most dominant pitchers in MLB, Jarrieta (Cubs) vs Noah Syndergaard. These pitchers will put everything on the line to be closer to advance to  the world series. “We win games because we hit the ball out of the ballpark, and they’re very similar,” Manager Terry Collins said. The advance of this series seems to be for New York Mets due to the pitching rotation and home field advantage for the game 1 & 2  but if the Cubs can win at CityField Stadium they’ll be able to suprise some critics.

Personally I prefer the Chicago Cubs to win this series so they can advance but the this match up is too close to predict; regardless who advances these teams have young, talented and driven players that will in contended for a World Series for years to come.

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