Tips on how to survive Halloween Horror Nights

I just recently went to Halloween Horror Nights Orlando located at Universal Studios. This year was HHN’s 25th anniversary and I have to say it may have been their best one yet!!!

Tip #1 go between Monday- Thursday. The reason for this is because usually you wait in lines for a good 2 hours and if you go between those days the lines will be much shorter AND cheaper! Here’s the breakdown straight from HHN’s website:

Oct 28, 29, & Nov 1= $50

Oct 21, 22, & 25= $54

Oct 30= $60

Oct 23= $65

Oct 31= $77


Tip #2 make sure you purchase your tickets ONLINE and with the Burger King promo code. The code is found on the cups at Burger King and the purpose is to prove your a Florida Resident which makes your ticket cheaper (prices above)

Tip #3 print your ticket just to be safe! Universal has a feature where you’re able to scan your ticket straight from your phone and it’s awesome, however, printing your ticket to be on the safe side is recommended! Because if your phone dies, the image doesn’t appear properly, or any other malfunction you have to get out of line and go to the Customer Service which will take a while.

Tip #4 timing is very very VERY important. You’ll soon realize that the majority of your time at HHN will be waiting in lines. That being said you want to make sure you come prepared!

Tip #5 wear good comfortable walking shoes. It’s a theme park, so you will be walking and standing a lot. They do sell refreshments everywhere so make sure to stay hydrated too.

Tip #6 know where you want to go so you don’t waste time. The park depending on the day closes at 1am or 2am. Thankfully, I’m going to let you know the BEST houses to go to and where they’re located. Also, there’s people that sell souvenirs and they are the BEST people to ask where everything is, their recommendations, and how to get to certain areas. They’re the people that stand smack in the middle with some type of glow in the dark thing.

So the first house (my favorite) was the Jack House and it’s located right by Despicable Me which is going to be at the entrance of the park to your right. This one was the longest inside and the most scariest. The second best house was Insidious and it’s located by Men in Black. This house was really creepy and great because you get scared even when you walk out of the house and this house was the longest wait! So try to make this house the top of your list. SPOILER… BEWARE! The third house was Body Collectors which is right by Twister (in front of Despicable Me). Remember, the later it gets the more people= longer the lines. So try to hit the best ones first!!

Tip #7 have a buddy! There are scare zones with clowns running around coming up behind you with chainsaws. So having a buddy next to you in the house and out of them is great.

Tip #8 as I mentioned above… You are not safe when you get out of the house because there are still people outside of the house trying to get the last scare! So just keep in mind it’s not over yet…. lol. Stay a hold of your buddy… I’m serious.

Tip #9 pictures are not allowed in the houses, however, outside it’s all free game! So you’re definitely able to snap some picks with the scarers. So first thing to keep in mind, is if you’re holding out a video camera or phone trying to get a pick it’s like you’re holding a big flashing arrow above you saying SCARE ME!! lol So everyone will come up to you, however, if you make eye contact with someone scaring you, you can try to get a picture with them and you’ll tell if they let you if they stay for the photo or walk away. DO NOT chase any of them trying to get their picture. They are literally everywhere so don’t worry you’ll be able to get a good one. Selfie’s are the way to go! Remember they can’t talk to you so you just have to stick your phone out when they’re behind or next to you and they’ll most probably stick in the picture and remember… say Thank You (:

Tip #10 have fun!!!!!! This adventure is way funner with more people so the more the merrier. It’s fun to see other people and your friends get scared and even laugh at yourself when you know they got you good.

I really recommend going, it’s a lot of fun!! The houses and the production of the entire event is very well put together. It only happens 1 month of the year so try to make it and if not, don’t worry it’ll always be back every October!

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

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