Jeb Bush Is Worried That Donald Trump Isn’t Taking the Possibility of Being President Seriously

The first thing that most people would associate Donald Trump with before his run for presidency was his role in the TV show the apprentice. He is not one that is typically looked at for his political views, but lately left and right people are wanting to know his opinions on different political matter because he has decided to run for president. Right now it looks like he is taking a pretty serious lead in the run for presidential candidate for his party in the upcoming election. There has been scrutiny from the beginning of his candidacy and it might be well placed.

Recently Jeb Bush has said that he doesn’t believe that Trump understands the role that he is running for and all that it entails. Bush states that he doesn’t believe that Trump is able to keep secrets of the nation and to make proper decisions abroad in regards to the military forces. Further he claims that he isn’t taking the time to learn about what issues that he will be facing.

Knowledge of the climate that you are about to enter into is important, so if a presidential candidate is unaware then they won’t be able to properly  guide people  to a solution that is beneficial he will be making calls blindly and that helps no one.

At this point it seems that Trump is always stepping in it, one way or another. I truly wonder the likelihood that he will end up the next leader of America.

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