Cyber Bullies Take Notice

The Internet has become a portal for people to transform into online bullies. Avoiding the traditional face-to-face approach, these cyber bullies take out frustrations through sometimes witty, often offensive and even libelous or defamatory posts in blogs and popular social media sites.

According to experts, cyberbullying is defined as the persistent and intentional use of electronic communication to harass, threaten, intimidate or otherwise mistreat.

These posts have power to either elevate or deteriorate one’s image in the public eye. Moreover, with the anonymity of the world wide web, people feel more entitled and more at ease and bold in their statements.

And that can be a problem. Making a false online post won’t shield you from a lawsuit.

If someone can prove you damaged their reputation or good name by embarrassing them in a public forum like Twitter, Facebook or Youtube, you could be sued for libel or defamation.

Meditating on that thought, I find it unsettling considering how many people could knowingly be posting offensive material RIGHT NOW and unknowingly know their at risk for a lawsuit.

Not enough people are aware of the risks of posting false information online.

It’s necessary people take ownership of their words and actions online and strive to publish responsibility and honestly because if not–– a lawsuit is lurking around the corner.

I’ve grown to respect words and fully believe they are very powerful.  The Internet has granted us all an opportunity to express ourselves under the protection of the First Amendment, but we have to understand the limitations.

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