Here come the debates (and we’re holding you accountable)!

Not only is the election quickly approaching, with only 39 days to go, but the first Presidential debates start next week. There is so much anticipation around them and most of this is coming from correspondents in the media. The media’s role in these events is huge and in big part I think it is largely why the debates are of such great importance to the general public. So much emphasis is put on the candidates’ performance – and rightly so, but the way that correspondents will tear it apart is what really makes the public notice. This is where the role of political correspondents is highlighted for just how important their work is.

I love politics and I love the media. A weird combination I know. I’ve worked on multiple campaigns before and even though as staff I want what is best for my candidate, as a member of the community what I ultimately want is what is best for my candidate’s constituency. I would never want my candidate not to be asked the tough questions because all elected officials should be held accountable for their decisions. This is also why I only work for candidates I truly believe in. Nothing grants someone more respect in my eyes than fielding any question that comes their way with integrity and straight answers. I have heard so many people say that they stay away from politics because of all the lies, and talking points, and misconceptions, but that is exactly why I stay in. I’m here because I want to make it better and I know that ultimately holding people accountable is the way to do that.

This is especially true when it comes to political debates. Many members of the general public do not recall every vote made in the Senate or every international audience addressed, so next week when it comes to holding  the candidates accountable for what they have done in the past and calling them out if they are misleading, political correspondents will have more than enough work on their plates. As I’ve heard some say: “God bless the fact checkers.”

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