Cyber Monday takes over Black Friday.

With the holidays right around the corner, most people have begun their strategy when it comes to tackling the demands of Christmas shopping.  The “Holy Grail” of these shopping days is traditionally Black Friday.  The day after Thanksgiving when desperate, boarderline insane shoppers camp outside of Best Buy the night before to be the first in line, draw up a skematic blueprint so that they can plan their attack through Wal Mart, and take out a new credit card specifically for that one day.  This year, I feel, a new revelation is beginning when it comes to this trend.  People are tired of the department stores that turn into insane asylums on this horrid shopping day.  They still want their deals, but aren’t as willing anymore to throw elbows to get that last action figure that little Johnny has been begging for since news of it’s release came out a year ago.   Rather than sift through the rubble and waste an entire day of pain and stress, people can simply shop in the ease and comfort of their own home right in front of their computer. 

Cyber Monday, which takes place two days after Black Friday, is the day when all of the online shoppers can strike the best deals.  I’m finding, as are most people, that there are better deals online during the post Thanksgiving week, anyways.  You can go to Amazon and purchase the exact same DVD, book, electronic equipment etc.  for nearly 30% less than physically buying it at Best Buy. allows you to purchase refurbished electronic equipment for nearly 35% less than normal. 

Technology convergence, in this instance, makes life more convenient and less stressful.  The holiday season is about celebration, not aggravation.

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