Is the Industry You Choose to Work in, a Reflection of Who You are as a Person?

Now that I am a few years removed from my undergraduate work, I have paid close attention to what my peers have chosen do for a living. I am really interested in not only what industry my peers have chosen to work in, but I am also very interested in the dynamic of the company they work for. Specifically, the way the company is run. Does the company promote a laid back atmosphere or is the company “buttoned” up?  Would you consider your job always at jeapordy? Is there strict policies on when you must arrive and leave work?  I am very interested in trying to find a correlation between my peers’ personalities and the type of work and company they have pursued.

Overall, I have found that my peers career choices are closely reflected in the type of person they are. Some of my peers may have initally worked at companies out of school that they thought were good fits, but found soon enough that they did not match well with the companies ideologies. Since their realization, they have pursued different opportunities.  I am a firm believer that unless you want to be miserable in life, you must find out whats important to you and the you must work in an enviorment that shares the same beliefs.

I have always found that for the most part, if you choose to work for a company that doesn’t possess the same core values or ideas as you, it is harder for you to grow from within the company. If you fully embrace and believe in the way a company is run, one seems to do better with that company. My peers are working in many different settings and for many different companies. My peers also range in spectrum from introvert and extroverts and their work life is a direct reflection on they person they are.


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