Daft Punk and Jay Z unreleased track leaks out.

Daft Punk and Jay Z fans rushed to click on the promising link to hear the never-before-heard track ‘Computerized’. According to Rolling Stone Magazine the song had been produced during the recording of the Score for the 2010 Disney movie Tron: Legacy which had been composed by the French duo and decided it was not good enough to be in the film.

Soon after the leaking of ‘Computerized’ on YouTube earlier today, the track gained significant controversy because of the unconfirmed legitimacy of the song, giving that neither the legendary electronic duo or the Brooklyn rapper had made any comments after the leaking, until a couple hours later Pitchfork.com confirmed that the track was indeed legitimate and was recorded by D-P and J-Z way before the release of ‘Magna Carta’, Jay’s latest album.

Because of previous collaborations that Daft Punk previously had with Kanye West, it was also rumored that the Chicago rapper had also worked on ‘Computerized’ as a co-producer. This rumor was denied by Pitchfork.

Although it seems like a pretty remarkable collab for music history, ‘Computerized’ has received mostly bad feedback from the critics AND fans. You can listen the song by yourselves (LINK BELOW), and decide for yourselves wether the track is a hit or a miss.

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