Miami Heat Clinching Playoff Spot Looking To Dominate

Today, the Miami Heat have checked off one of their “to-do’s” this season by clinching a spot in the 2014 playoffs with a 9 point win over the steadily improving Washington Wizards. “White Hot” as the Miami Heat fans know the playoffs experience as, is something that Heat fans have grown accustomed to and now are looking for not one, not two but three championships in three years. The Miami Heat have had an easy time this year with the teams in the NBA and look to use their knowledge and maturity to dominate in the playoffs.

It makes life a lot easier, as should be noted, when you have a man by the name of Lebron James on your team. James, coming off one of the best performances of his career scoring 61 points, is relaxed and determined to stamp his name in history with championships and prestige that comes with that coveted ring. Heat President and general manager Pat Riley is not in full sail ahead mode just yet. With only a limited number of games yet, Riley is poised to see what he can do to give the heat an advantage, especially with teams like the Pacers and the spurs who might be in their direct route to a ring. Riley realizes that the Heat are a full team already and don’t necessarily need players to step in and make a huge difference off the bat, but, does want someone who can play their part and fill a role that is crucial to the depth of the team.

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