Dallas Buyers Club: A movie with superb acting

It has been about 2 to 3 weeks since I have seen the movie Dallas Buyers Club, and yet at the same time, for me at least, I cant get over the film. It was brilliantly written, the acting was phenomenal, the editing was impeccable, and the over all feel of the movie kept me interested the entire length of the film. It was such an excellent movie.

For those of you that haven’t seen the film, let me give you a short synopsis. The film follows a man in the 80s by the name of Ron Woodroof who is played by Matthew McConaughey who is a guy who constantly drinks and sleeps with numerous women. He is then diagnosed with HIV and begins to treat it with different medication and also selling them as well. At first he is trying to make a lot of money but as the movie progresses you see him slowly start to change. This is a very watered down plot of the movie but I guarantee it is so much better than I am describing.

I enjoyed everything about this movie but what really stood out to me was the caliber of acting. I did not for one second expect that Matthew McConaughey was able to put on a performance that made an audience believe the character was a real person. His usual roles were the handsome buff guy doing something whether it was wooing ladies or killing people. But after watching this movie you can truly see how much he cares about his craft. And Matthew McConaughey’s performance was just the  tip of the ice berg. Jared Leto’s performance was outstanding. Actally come to think of it there was not one okay performance they were all great. So if you get the chance, please watch this movie because it was worth watching.

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