Facebook Creates High-Tech Facial Recongnition Program

Facebook has been working on a facial recognition system called DeepFace. This program identifies faces of people from pictures almost as well as a regular person. It correctly identified faces 97.25% of the time. Humans scored around 97.53%, which is really close. The program needs a picture of a forward-looking face and then it starts looking for features that match to the face it scanned. This will eliminate the step of people tagging one another in each picture they take. This technology will be great for airport security and other high criminal areas.

This technology sounds great at first, but it’s a big issue with privacy. Now companies can pay companies to find pictures of you doing things you shouldn’t. For example if you partied in college and you’re in a picture of someone smoking pot and you didn’t know and a company finds this then your might not get the job if it’s for government or being a teacher.

This technology could be good for online dating. It’s one way to find out if people are really posting pictures of themselves or taking them from other peoples profiles or from the Internet. This could also be good for paying sites as well. They can do background checks on each member and have the ability to know if your answers to their questions are true or false.

With any new technology there will always be pros and cons to it. The question at hand is if this technology will be used mostly for good or will it be used for someone’s own benefit for evil?

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