President Obama Launches New Website to Reduce Climate Change.

One issue that has constantly been at the forefront of concerns is that of global warming. Although some may not like to think such a thing actually occurs, undoubtedly, climate change is a serious issue. As a result, President Barack Obama took steps to bring awareness to the subject.

Last week, President Obama initiated a website known as which will transfer data from reports on changes in the Earth’s environment into comprehensive presentations.

The website is in preparation for the President’s latest plan to enact steeper regulations aimed at reducing emissions produced by plants run on coal. Mr. John Podesta, President Obama’s counselor, is at the forefront of the upcoming regulations and is working to eliminate the negative criticism of the fight against global warming.

The overall desired outcome of the project is to bring awareness to the local populations about what is occurring in their own neighborhoods. This way, they will be more likely to take action and do what they can to reduce carbon emission.

Without a doubt, this is a great step towards eliminating the atmospheric pollutants and other harmful agents present in the environment. With such things as reducing the amount of time spent driving or carpooling with others, the simplest things can help accomplish this goal.

Communities can further help the environment by limiting time spent showering and cutting down the amount of water spent on lawns and flower gardens. Additionally, another great and simple way one can help the Earth is by recycling.

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