Dallas Safari Club auctions off license to kill endangered black rhino

In an effort to save the endangered species, the Dallas safari club recently auctioned off a license to kill the rare African black rhino. The Black rhino has been on a fast road to extinction since the 1970s; their population is down an estimated 96 percent in just 40 years. Today there is only an estimated 5,000 rhinos left in the wild. Native to the African country of Namibia, the rhinos have greatly decreased in numbers due to poachers who are after their horn. The rhino horns are illegally sold all over the world for their supposed medicinal properties.

The auction is which was held last week brought in 350,000. However, there has been much controversy on both sides, as to wether the auction will benefiting or hurting the species. The Dallas Safari Club has stated that the hunt will be of a male who is to old to breed. In addition, they have stated that one hunt will not harm the species, as mortality is fairly common and natural to wild animals. Corey Knowlton who won the bid to hunt the rhino certainly thinks his permit will help the species as a whole. Many people don’t seem agree though, and he’s received numerous death threats after having won the auction. The problem which i think arises is wether this hunt is sending the right message. I really don’t believe one hunt will hurt the species as a whole; The money raised i think can really do a lot of good too. The problem i see is that if we are trying to get people to stop hunting these animals, is it smart to promote that idea by shooting one?


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