Man returns parking lot find of $40,000 to owner.

A twenty three year old student of Portland State University named Brian DiCarlo returned a massive $38,000 cashiers check and $2000 in cash to its rightful owner after discovering an envelope containing the lost wealth in a Portland, Oregon parking lot. In a world where college students are know to be strapped for cash, Brian selflessly chose to hand over the large sum of money to his local sheriffs office instead of cashing in on his new found wealth. The local deputies then used information found inside the envelope to contact the money’s original owner, a very panicked and stressed 71 year old woman named Sharon Davis, who was still searching all over the parking lot and local businesses in hopes that someone had found turned in her lost cash.

When Brian originally found the envelope he thought it was trash, however the envelope’s fresh appearance bore a great contrast to the wet and dirty parking lot in which it lay. This clean and dry envelope seemed strange to him, and the contents were even more surprising. When interviewed by KPTV he recalled “My first thought is that this person is a wreck, whoever this is for this is, they are losing their mind trying to figure out where they left it, retracing their steps.”

The college student was not left unrewarded for his good deed. Ms Davis immediately called Brian to give a very emotional and grateful “thank you” to him after officers returned the envelope to her. She also was kind enough to send him a note thanking him attached to a $300 dollar reward.

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