Danny Brown Coming to Orlando Following Release of Old

Hip-hop artist Danny Brown will be performing at Plaza Live in Orlando on December 4. The tour follows the success of Danny Brown’s third full-length album “Old”, released in October on Fool’s Gold and Warner Records.

Danny Brown garnered critical acclaim following the underground success of his 2011 LP “XXX” or “30”. The first title makes reference to Danny Brown’s struggle with addiction while the latter references his age. Despite being 32 years old, Danny Brown has only recently gained recognition from the music community. Brown has become known for his zany pitches and unique vocal arrangements, which are complimented by his gap-toothed and unkempt appearance.

The 19-track long album, Old, features rap artists such as Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, A$AP Rocky and indie-pop singers Purity Ring and Charlie XCX. The album is basically split into two halves, the first being more introspective and the second more focused on trap and dubstep influenced party-anthems.

Tracks on the first half of the album such as “Side A (Old)”, “The Return”, “Lonely”, and “Clean Up” show a contemplative Brown who realizes the way his struggles with drug addiction have affected his relationships with his family. In particular, Brown sings about his daughter calling him while he ignores her calls to indulge his addiction on the track “Clean Up”. The listener gets an image of a man who has struggled throughout his life and doesn’t want to lose everything he’s worked for.

Unfortunately the second half of this album shows a Mr. Hyde side of Danny Brown that feels the need to rely on the drug culture that has gotten him to where he is. For example, tracks such as “Dip”, “Smokin & Drinkin”, and “Kush Coma” insight images of twerking, abusing drugs, and embracing a party lifestyle. Despite falling short lyrically, the second half of the album has many catchy hooks and production that is uniquely strange and catchy, a tone Danny Brown has capitalized on. The most redeeming track on the second half of the album is the sobering and reflective closer “Float On”. The track makes references back to the first half of the album and shows a human side of Danny Brown that is afraid of what his future might be yet optimistic that he’ll leave his mark on the hip-hop world.

In a way Danny Brown already has left his mark on the hip-hop world, if only for the time being. His album “Old” delivers a mix that is sure to please most hip-hop fans and well certainly get a crowd hyped and grooving. Tickets are available now for $18-$20. Again, the show is on Wednesday, December 4. Doors are at 8 pm and the show begins at 9 pm.

Tickets available at the link below:

Danny Brown

Listen to his 2013 album “Old”  in full here:


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