Is It Possible To Be Friends With Benefits?

Think of a situation where you are attracted to someone. You spend a lot of time with them and then one day you two decide you want to hook up. Why not? You guys have a great time around each other and the physical attraction is there. After all, hooking up is supposed to be a fun thing, right? So now you’re seeing each other more you’re hooking up on a constant basis. The both of you decided that a relationship wasn’t what you were looking for and said it was okay to hook up with other people as well. So what’s the problem?

It would seem like this is an perfect situation for anybody that doesn’t want a relationship so why is it that we never hear that these people just decide to stop hooking up one day and end on good terms and there was a perfect ending to a wonderful beginning. That’s because life barely works that way. My philopshy on friends with benefits is that it does not work. Not saying that it always doesn’t work because it may work for a select few but most of the time the versions of the stories that I’ve heard the end is much like a Sour Patch Kid. It can either be sweet or sour.

It can either end sweet where the two people fall for each other and end up getting into a relationship, which then again how sweet can that be if it’s not what you wanted in the first place and you based your relationship on sex before anything else first? Or it can end sour and this one is where things get messy. Emotions come into play, one person gets jealous of the other hooking up with other people even though that’s what they agreed on. They could possibly smash your car, or light your house on fire. Don’t be too alarmed, those are extremes; but you get the picture. They may not kill you in real life but they will repeatly murder you in their minds. People falling for someone that doesn’t want them back makes them psycho.

My advice would be to not do it. Unless you want to, then who am I to tell you not to. By all means, do it. I feel like it’s something that everyone may want to experience at some point in their lives. Even if everything turns to turmoil in the end, there’s almost one thing you can be certain of, it’ll be fun. Good or bad, happy or sappy ending, you will have a story to tell in the end with this experience. And that’s what our lives are all about in the end, right? The stories that we have to tell about what we’ve done. If we had no stories then what proof do we have that we’ve lived a great life?

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