UCF Knights Make Astonishing Turn Around

The Knights made a turn around during the last two minutes against Temple. To continue on their winning streak, seventeenth ranked Knights pulled an unbelievable touchdown during the fourth quarter. Knights receiver J.J. Worton single handily reached out for the ball and managed to score the last touchdown of the game from Blake Bortles. Kicker Shawn Moffitt also put UCF ahead in the final game moments with a twenty-three yeard field goal.  Excitement and emotions ran high on Lincoln Financial Field as the Knights made a come back changing the score during the final moments in their favor. Owls expected to win the victory but came short 39-36. The UCF Knights continue their winning streak this season making a name for themselves this year. American Report states UCF conference 5-0 and overall 8-1.

Knights football coach George O’Leary stated “someone is looking out for them. Those games don’t usually happen like that.” Victory against Happy Valley, Memphis, and Louisville have the Knights on high hopes and spirits for the remaining of the season. Just finishing up homecoming week, UCF has a lot of spirit and support to cheer on their team in their recent victories. The University of Central Florida’s football team has never been as big as their population but the Knights are making a come-up this season. With over fifty thousand students, the Knights will have a packed arena this Thursday night for their home game against Rutgers. The Knights will also play against another Florida team USF the following week. Their victory puts shine on the University of Central Florida’s pride and joy.

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