Dario Franchitti Forced to Retire From Racing

Dario Franchitto, arguably one of the greatest Indy Car drivers of all time is now being urgued by doctors to retire from the sport he loves due to several injuries. He suffered several severe injuries from a crash in a race last month. Franchitto fractured his spine in a crash during a race on October 6th in Houston. His car made contact with another car in the final lap of the race and flew head on into the fences injuring Dario, an official, and several spectators.

Franchitto vowed he would race even into his late 40’s. Two of his closest friends were fellow Indy Racers, Greg Moore and Dan Wheldon. Both of which died in crashes through racing so Dario was keeping their spirits alive by continuing to compete. However due to this severe injuries his career will be stopped at the age of 40.

Franchitto has always been a very popular racer in Indy Car because of his link to Hollywood being married to actress Ashley Judd. The two recently announced their divorce however.

Dario Franchitto is a four time Indy Car Series winner and 2 time winner of the Indy 500. In total he has 31 race victories which ranks 8th on the all time list.He is already being offered job positions to become an adviser for several racing companies.

To sum it up, Dario is leaving an enormous legacy in Indy Car with bringing many of these races into the Hollywood spotlight. The dangerous nature of this sport is also brought up after a crash of this nature sidelining Dario for good. Of course the sport will continue without him, but there will be quite a large hole to be replaced without him.

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