One of America’s Most Reliable News Program Makes Huge Mistake

60 minutes is one of America’s most prestigious news programs.  They have been around for sixty years, are ranked 6th on TV Guides 50 Greatest TV Shows, and have been one of the main sources of news for people in the United States.  But within the last few weeks they made a major mistake.

In the 60 minutes Benghazi report they had a segment that interviewed a supposed eyewitness of the terrorist attack on the U.S. Mission in Benghazi.  His name was Morgan Jones, aka Dylan Davies, and he had quite the story to tell.

Davies claimed he scaled a 12 foot wall, entered the terrorist ridden compound, took out a terrorist with the butt of his gun, and would eventually see the dead body of U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens.  It sounds like a great story and a great catch for Lara Logan and CBS, but it wasn’t true.

Other stations started questioning the validity of the report almost immediately after the show aired.  In fact one station said that the found an incident report that Davies gave his employer Blue Mountain that said he was no where near the compound and that he heard about Stevens’ body from a Libyan colleague.  Of course Davies said this was fault and he was the victim of a huge smear campaign.  Initially CBS stood by the story.

But eventually the truth would come out.  On November 7th CBS came out and said that they had made a mistake and that they would retract their story.  Lara Logan has apologized twice on live Television.  She had a 90 second apology on the Sunday show of 60 minutes.  Right now it is only getting worse for CBS and Lara Logan, who is one of the world’s best journalist.  They are under fierce criticism right now, and their credibility is at stake.  Hopefully they can right their wrong and I only think it happens is with time.  Good luck CBS.

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