DARPA says Robots Could Change the Nature of Combat

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency  (DARPA) is looking to replace human forces with robots.

Drones and bomb detecting technology already replace humans in combat and the fear of human interaction will be eliminated all together if robots are to be introduced for use, by the Pentagon.

Billions of dollars have already been spend on extensive research by the Department of Defense (DOD). $11 million was spent on a program that develops robots to act autonomously and $7 million was spent on the Avatar Program, this program which attempts to upload a soldier’s consciousness to a robot.

It will would be years before humans are completely taken out of war, but DOD officials have said that by 2020 the United States troop force would decrease from 540,000 to 450, 000.

However, campaigns to ban the use of robots have been launched by Human Rights Watch and the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.

There would have to be a “breakthrough in science and technology” within the field to detrimentally change the nature of the force Lt. Gen. Keith Walker said.

War has been a major conflict in American society for decades, however, war is inevitable between power hungry nations. Whether fighting is initiated over land, resources, political views, or religion human lives are always lost.

Over the decades Americans have begun to resent war. After the ill feelings toward the Vietnam crisis the impression of war tends to be negative and American citizens are fed up with losing their family members and friends.

These robots potentially have the power to change the way the world participates in combat. This could be the technology that the world has been searching for since the beginning of time.

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