Dating and Relationships are Becoming All Online

Online dating is not something that is a foreign concept anymore. There are so many online dating websites, for example, There are commercials everywhere promoting these sites as well. A television show was even created about people that met online and have fallen in love. I do not mean to offend anyone in my following posts. I do not believe in online dating. I think there is something special about face-to-face dating. Sure you can meet someone online through these websites; however, you can’t fall in love. One of my good friends met her current boyfriend on one of these sites. They chose to meet up; they never went on a virtual date. I feel like if you need to go on a virtual date then there is something to hide. That is not the way that a relationship should start. I don’t understand how someone could fall in love if they have never met the other person. To me, it is almost like stalker status. You are so “madly in love” with someone yet you have never met them. That sounds creepy doesn’t it? Just like the television show shows that people that fall in love because they met and date online only are not who they say they are. They have a secret to hide and so when they finally decide to meet they know that it will probably be over. It is just too weird and I think people need to grow some guts if they want to put themselves out there. Rejection is no fun; however, being called a stalker is even worse fun.

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