“Stop! COLLABORATE and Listen.”

I love the idea of “collaborative learning!” I believe collaborative learning across disciplines offers students the best environments to learn.

My degree is in Interdisciplinary Studies which is just an elaborate name for “learn a bunch of stuff.” Rather than focus on one area of study, I get the awesome privilege of majoring in multiple areas of study. For instance, my Interdisciplinary degree focuses are in Humanities, Letters and Modern Languages (Literature) and Mass Communications. This comprehensive degree gives me many more opportunities than picking one specific area of study.

Interdisciplinary studies allows students opportunities to focus on the multiple areas they are most passionate about. This gives us, as interdisciplinarians, a greater grasp of the world around us through various areas of knowledge. We have both the desire and experience to work together across multiple disciplines to solve problems and accomplish greater things than if we had focused on just one area. Through our ability to traverse disciplines, we achieve greater synergy with other areas creating the best platforms for world change. It makes us a true “Renaissance man” (or woman) as we are jacks-of-all-trades.

In my own experience, interdisciplinary studies has already made me a more well-rounded student. This will translate into my future as an educator. I will have a wider range of knowledge in many subjects allowing me to pour more into my students’ lives. I will have a greater grasp of multiple subject areas giving me an edge in teaching and creating well-rounded learners.

I believe the best environment for students is to learn through collaborations with other disciplines. This gives students the greatest chance of success in learning. There are lots of methods of various learning styles, but one thing is sure. Not all students learn the same way. Giving them opportunities to collaborate with other disciplines will allow the greatest retention of information.

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