The Rising Use of Social Media in HealthCare

One of the most interesting changes in idea healthcare within our generation is the role of social media. Social media is no longer just for entertainment and communication purposes, as its usage has grown in becoming a major part in healthcare. Google and the rest of the Internet are now a huge part of our medical check up these days.

Browsing websites like WebMD, answer forums, and other medical sites have befitted the norm, even before any doctor appointments. It’s become tempting to see if we can find the answers to our health question in a matter of seconds, rather than actually visiting the doctors. Most teens on the Internet said they would trust healthcare information they found online or on social media platforms. However, unfortunately some of this information can be flawed and actually harmful to the body, but there are still many credible sites available with advice from actual doctors.

Still, there is no doubt that hospitals and doctors benefit from social media, and the online community. Through social media, patients can offer their emotional support to other patients suffering from the same or similar diseases and disorders, in order to provide comfort. Despite that, one of the most interesting issue between the concept of social media and healthcare involves the idea of risk management. Many healthcare providers express the concern that the use of social media may compromise patient privacy or possibly violate specific insurance procedures.

In any case, the use of social media by both healthcare providers and patients will increase over time, but only if the benefits of doing so outweigh the costs.

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