There is still Good in this world, stop focusing on the Bad.

Tomorrow is never promised, today is a gift, a blessing, and life is a privilege that many people choose to take advantage of. While some take for granted all that they have others have lost it all. An example of this is the disaster that occurred at the Boston marathon. Some say the world is full of evil yet I choose to think that good will always triumphs. Yesterday’s news about the Boston marathon explosion was horrific and although it was an act of terror and indeed a cruel thing to do, I choose to look at the good that is still present among us. As I watched the first videos that were captured during the explosions I saw the shock in people but I also saw how everyone rushed to go help the victims. “There must be people hurt, we have to go help” was the first thing that caught my attention. I saw the struggle between everyone who made an attempt to bring down the barrier that separated them from the victims in order to help. I see how generous everyone in our community is and how everyone came together to help. The smallest things from helping out at the scene, to donating blood for the victims in need. I choose to look at the bigger and brighter side of this unfortunate event. I see the heroism in the individuals willing to help and the support that America offers by prayers to the victims. This shows me that there is still good out there and we have just that much hope to hold onto. The world isn’t all evil just yet and we shouldn’t allow these tragic events keep us from seeing the brighter side. Let’s stop the hate and focus on the love we all have to give. My prayers go out to the victims and families of the victims.

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