Deadly Deer-Mouse Dilemma Drives Deaths

Yosemite National Park has issued letters of precaution to all individuals who have stayed in the park since June. The letters come in the wake of a mysterious virus called hantavirus, being carried in native deer mice. Unfortunately, they virus has no cure and has resulted in the death of 3 individuals of the 9 who have contracted it. Yosemite has elected that with the letters being sent, and the capture, and extermination of as many of the mice as possible, they will have done everything in their power to curb the effects of the virus. With symptoms taking from 3 to upwards of 6 months to begin, visitors from before June could be affected, and Yosemite officials should take this into consideration. By being proactive about the virus, countless lives can be saved. Although it is impossible to regulate what viruses or diseases make it into the park, it becomes the wildlife official’s responsibility when they do. Natural disasters are often times uncontrollable, but in this case, Yosemite is doing all they can. The virus, also having no known cure is exceptionally dangerous and the prevention of outbreak is key to success over the hantavirus. This virus, not being as serious, as of yet, as the breakouts of H1N1, or Mad Cow Disease in the past, is still a threat that must be dealt with. As of now Park officials are still contemplating whether or not to shut down the park until the outbreak is fully contained or if they can leave some sites open for campers. Spread through excrement, and saliva, the virus often dries into the dust which is inhales by humans. With little ability to track until it is in the system, there is nothing else health officials or the CDC can do.

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