No More Newspapers: Save Time, Save Money, Save Some Trees

Being up to date on current events is something that is ingrained in the human spirit. We want to know what is going on immediately around us, we want to know whats going on 5,000 miles away. We just want to know, and for a long time we quenched out thirst of knowledge be reading the newspaper. Now there were multiple ways of getting a newspaper. First, your could stop at a gas station or news stand on your way to work and purchase a newspaper with your morning coffee or breakfast. Second, you could had the daily newspaper delivered to your house in the early mornings. And finally, you could swipe the already used newspaper from the passenger you are sitting next on public transportation on your commute to work.

However, all the hassle, money, and energy that has been put into obtaining or daily news doesn’t have to exist any longer.  Every major newspaper is online. You can jump on your laptop, desktop, tablet, smart phone, and read the news. You can satisfy that need to be up to date with current events from the comfort of your dinning room, bed room, kitchen, bathroom, wherever. By accessing the news online you are saving money. The news can be found for free online. You are also doing some good for the environment. No longer are we using so much paper to produce news that will be out of date by the time lunch roles around. And finally, you are saving yourself so much time. You don’t have to stop at the gas station or news stand and wait in lines anymore. The news is literally at one’s finger tips for the taking. Do yourself a favor and get your news online, your wallet, our earth, and your head will all thank you.

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