Define your own happiness and radiate it

Happiness is the mental and emotional state of mind of being content or joyous with ourselves and our surroundings. Happiness is the pleasant feelings one associates with the smiley face. Happiness is a choice and we have the ability to choose happiness each and every day. What many people don’t know is that happiness is not dependant on anyone or anything other than us.  Happiness comes from within us. Many people choose to limit themselves and their ability to find their happiness because they settle. We tend to settle for what we think is good enough. However, If good isn’t good enough are we truly happy?  If you are not truly happy then it is not worth your time.  Never settle. Don’t settle for anyone else’s dream, never settle for the easy way out, and never settle for what you think society wants us to follow. Create your own dreams, make the tough decisions, and jump outside the box in which society tends to want to contain us in.  Have a job you don’t like? Quit it. Have a difficult relationship? End it. Don’t like your weight? Work out. Happiness can be found at the end of our own accomplishments.  Some choices are easy and others are tough but knowing your worth and allowing yourself to find happiness should always come first.  This is a lesson I’ve learned along the way. Don’t depend on anyone to, make you happy. Work at it yourself and you will radiate such positive energy that anyone who sees you walk into a room cannot help but smile and feel the joy you spread. My friend was feeling down because she has chosen a career that many do not agree with. These were my words to her because as long as she is happy with her decision of becoming a teacher, no one can take that happiness away from her. I am extremely proud of her hard work and her dedication. We must always remember to create our own path. Never steer towards what others want us to choose. She will be an amazing teacher.

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