The awe factor that new technology has on the older generations!

Today I was shopping with my mother and my father and my brother. We were in the Coach store, and when it was time to check out, the lady didnt take us over to a register or anything, instead right where we were standing she rang up our total in this little handheld device and than asked for our form of payment. When we handed her our card she just simply swiped and asked for a signature. The part that I am really wanting to talk about though, is the fact that when the lady asked us to sign, she was referring to my mother, and my mother was so beside herself. The lady asked us to sign, but there was so pen or electronic pen or anything like that. She told my mom to sign with the pad of  her finger. My mom couldnt accept the fact that she was about to sign with her finger tip. She thought it was the coolest invention ever. The lady did not even have to take a step to finish our purchase. This little machine did it all, and my mom had never seen anything like it. I on the other hand had seen this before, and did not even think anything of it. The older generations must really feel like they are left behind because of all the new things that are invented daily, that they would have never even thought could be invented. I try to keep my mother and father up to date on all of the inventions but to be honest even for me it is hard to teach them everything. Technology moves very fast these days.

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