Defining Collaborative Learning.

Collaborative learning can take on many meanings and be interpreted and view differently based on an individual. When we think of the term the most common definition as pointed out in “What do you mean by ‘collaborative learning’?” by Pierre Dillenbourg would be defined as a group of people of two or more coming together in an attempt to learn something. When we think of this group projects come in mind mainly in school. Collaboration mainly seen as taking form in an educational scholar level. But also the aspects of it depends on the roles within the group. A group with similar status work together as opposed to a teacher and a student who is merely following directions. In my opinion how ever I view collaborative learning as vital and essential, as a learning that not only takes place in the classroom but outside in our daily world as well. If the term is defined as a group of more than one working together to learn and achieve something that would then include jobs. Many depend on others to be able to work together in order to be successful. Al though the playing field might not always be leveled when it comes to bosses or teachers I still view it as a collaboration. A teacher or boss depends on his students or workers in order to be successful. A job like a printing publication for example, all workers have different roles but all roles are vital in order to get the job done. Working with others in any way in my opinion can be defined as collaborative learning because we all learn from that individual whether it is patiences or a talent that they posses and you lack or just a belief or point of view that you never considered before. We all take something from others whether it is on an educational level, cognitive, behavioral or emotional we are always learning. That to me defines collaborative learning. However I don’t believe the meaning it self should be important so much as the action. In order to be successful individually and as a society we must be able to respectfully collaborate with one another as a way to keep order and avoid chaos and violence.



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