Where are we headed with technology?

It is unbelievable how much technology has advanced in just the past ten years.  It makes me wonder where we will be in the world of technology in another ten.  We live with smart phones now and wonder how we ever lived without them.  I’m sure there will be another technology introduced in the future that we can’t believe we lived without for so long.  It is just a matter of what that new device will be.  Will we all be living with chips in our head one day that can look up information in an instant?  If so, what will happen to our personalities?  It would surely affect the way we interact with each other.  I fear that with more advancements in technology our social interactions are only going to suffer more, not less.   I also wonder if Facebook and Twitter will be around for a long time, or will it fade out like MySpace?  Kids today are born with no idea of what a land line or a phone book is.  What is the next thing to turn obsolete in our society?  It is a scary and exciting topic to think about all at once.  But with change there is always good and bad, so we must embrace the changes and deal with the downfalls at the same time.

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