Denver DJ files lawsuit against Taylor Swift, after bum touching incident

Singer Taylor Swift seems to always be in the tabloids for steering up some kind of drama, the most recent scandal is action taken against her for what one man finds as wrongful termination.


During an after party at Taylor Swift’s concert in Denver, Colorado. A man was escorted out because he inappropriately grazed Taylor Swift’s bum. The man claims that it wasn’t him but a colleague that is responsible for this harassment. The report that was filed said that the DJ David Mueller while taking a picture with Swift, lifted up her skirt and grabbed her bum. That honestly disgust me, she just performed and out of the kindness of her heart invites people backstage to meet her and she invited this radio station that he works at to the event and then he goes and sexual harasses her, not cool! Critics of Swift are saying that she is taking this way out of proportion, that it happens to males in her field all the time. Just because it happens often doesn’t mean that it is okay, a lot of things happen all the time but that doesn’t make them okay.


Now back to the DJ, he was terminated afterwards by his bosses at the Denver radio station and he wants to recover his lost income. I think that if he was wrongfully terminated and he didn’t actually commit this act then yes he should be fairly compensated for the lost income but if he did in fact grope Swift then he shouldn’t receive a penny for sexual harassing someone. I think that this is a case that is going to be hard to prove either way, because in the picture taken her skirt wasn’t lifted and there is no one coming forward to say that they either saw or didn’t see the incident take place. It is simply one word against the other.

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