Four Tips To Stay On Top Of School This Semester and Excel

Weather it’s your freshman year or senior year of college, it’s possible to get overwhelmed and maybe even lost in school. We tend to lose focus if we have a long weekend with friends, going home for the weekend, or any other reason not to think of schoolwork for a couple of days. By the time you realize that you have certain assignments, a million things could be due all on the same date. Now, that can be extremely devastating. In order to prevent that, just follow these four tips to stay on track and go through the semester worry free.

Plan, Plan, and Do Some More Planning: The easiest way is by getting an agenda or a planner and writing all your important due dates in. Set a specific color for each of your classes so you know what will be due by just looking at the highlighted color. Also, make a list and prioritize what to do by how important and assignment are and its due date every Sunday before the gaining of each week. The same goes for studying for exams and projects.

Fuel Yourself: Make sure you get enough sleep at night. A lack of sleep can cause you to lose focus on lectures and fall asleep. You also need to keep your to keep your metabolism active by eating something small every 3 hours or so. It’s awful to go a whole day without eating if your stuck on campus.

Support System/ Motivators: Having a close friend is a great thing to have, but having a motivator is even better. Setting aside a couple hours a week to go to the library or a study room can really help you stay on top of everything. And by having a friend with you, you both will be able to motivate each other to excel.

Ask For Help: Don’t be afraid to ask for help! It might be hard to ask for help from a professor if there are 300 or more students in a class, but that what Teachers Assistants are for. They’re there to help the professor. Additionally, there are study groups and tutoring provided on campus if you feel a TA won’t be able to help. If your in a smaller class then it’ll be much easier for you to be able to go right up to your professor and ask for help.



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