Denver Woman Cheats Jury Duty; Charged for Second-Degree Perjury

As a U.S. citizen, it is bound to happen at some point in one’s life to do the civil duty of being summoned to jury duty. One could argue that it disrupts away from the normal life routine of work, school, family and the like. Unless you are the relative of someone in law enforcement or are actively serving in the U.S. Military,  the excuse to be dismissed is totally a matter of chance.  This week, the excuse for a Denver woman has brought her to face a sentence of second-degree perjury and attempting to influence a public servant for faking the condition of having post-traumatic stress disorder.


The article stated that when the Denver woman, who goes by the name of Susan Cole was summoned for jury duty in June 2011, reports stated she purposely looked disheveled wearing mismatched shoes and curlers in her hair. She was excused from her civic duties but soon enough the truth came to light. According to the article, four months later Judge Mansfield heard through the grapevine how a woman bragged about getting dismissed from jury duty because she faked having the post-traumatic stress disorder. Soon after it was linked to a so-called “Char from Denver” which in fact was her pen name. When brought into court, Cole pleaded guilty  and apart from the fact that she is on two year probation, she has to perform 40 hours of community service.


I find this to be very sad and appalling that someone would go to great lengths to fake that they have a disorder to avoid having to serve their civic duty. There have been times where you can be excused for other valid reasons instead of making a grave one up. It just goes to show that someone who will cheat the law will soon enough get found out. It was all over something so insignificant.



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