Virtual Dating The New Trend

In today’s society, it is very uncommon to be involved with social media. It is too enticing for one. People would make you feel sort of “Left Out The Loop” if you didn’t own one anyways. People have Facebook pages, and maybe the more hip and into entertainment world may own a Twitter. They even have more mature social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Basically, if you’re in a relationship, be prepared to share that relationship on your personal social media website. Relationships on social media has risen to be a new phenomenon. It is convenient yet could be a major problem. I’ll explore some ideas with you.

On social media pages such as Facebook, you have what is called ” Facebook Friends.” Usually you know them in real life. Some may include family, crushes, long lost friends, and just people who seem cool. They’ve added relationship statuses for people. If you are in a relationship, be prepared to tell the world you’re taken. But it does not stop there. It gives you the option to add your spouses’ link so they know WHO you’re dating as well. People in relationships expect pictures “Tagged” with their names so people looking down their Timeline can notice it. Sounds fun and cool but there can also rise problems.

Drama can occur. Relationships can end because of this new social media life. People can get caught cheating. There are private messages that you can send people. If you like somebody else’s status or pictures, it can send a red flag to the other spouse. Social media just turns out to be a spyware for couples. If you think your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating, hack into their page. I hear many stories of this. What is worse is that the other partner may expect you to give them YOUR username and password. Sounds crazy right? My belief is simple. Use your social media for you and do not involve your relationship in it or things could get ugly.

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