Devastation and Promised Relief for Victims of Superstorm Sandy

Tropical Storm Sandy is a storm that residents of the East Coast will never forget. On Monday,  October 29th, the superstorm made landfall into the New England states greatly affecting New York and many parts of New Jersey. There were many of those that didn’t think this storm would have caused the damage that it did. Many people were riding out the storm in hopes that nothing serious would happen. Little did they know how great the winds and water of Superstorm Sandy. Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey warned those in to evacuate and to take precautionary measures, which many of them did not heed. Meanwhile just their neighbor to the north, New York City was taking a major hit. Major flooding that clogged seven of its major subway stations. Yet, the Mayor is optimistic and has promised to get the subway cleared out and up and running in 4 days. Some believing it’s too good to be true.


Since Monday, President Obama has been keeping a close eye on the storm and has been on stand-by waiting to delegate actions that need to be taken in terms of disaster relief. As of today, just six days before the election, President Obama has visited the devastated areas of New Jersey and met with those who had been greatly affected by Superstorm Sandy. He reassured them that “American shares their pain and that the government is here to help. The article reports that during the storm, about 200 people were sleeping in the shelters. Today, that number has dropped to about 50, as homeowners are desperate to go back to their homes and preparing for the worst, but hoping for the best.


In my opinion, it is very unfortunate that people have had their homes damaged beyond repair, as for others, they have come home to a hollow shell. What is even more devastating are those people who died during the storm. It was reported that over 50 people died in both New York and New Jersey during Superstorm Sandy. It’s times like these where donations to reputable organizations such as the Red Cross make a big difference. My thoughts and prayers are with each of the families affected and may they find relief soon.


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