Just do it. Vote.

I voted from the luxury of my sofa last night. It was fabulous snuggling under my red blanket around midnight and simultaneously being a responsible American. Plus, I’m happy I had time to decipher al four pages. It’s as if the proposed amendments are written to purposefully separate those who understand what’s being said from the rest of us. And I say us. And I’m earning a Master’s degree in… Communication. All my education could not equip me for what I experienced last night. Serpentine, I say! I needed resources in order to decipher some of what I read. Now before you Orange County voters get all judgey on me, I was voting on an absentee ballot. And if whizz through every word on your ballot, maybe all the complicated words were saved for the county where I’m registered; the location which shall not be mentioned. I have to maintain my dignity! Even if I did consult the all-knowing Google, I know I can be proud of what happened on my sofa last night. I’ve educated myself on the issues and thought through my decisions. That’s all any of us can do. And even though I was undecided of who my big vote was going to until the very last minute, I felt confident as I filled in one choice. Whatever happens from my vote does not matter. I voted. I did my part.

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