Dictator Nicolas Maduro v. the citizens of Venezuela – What’s really going on in the country?

Being myself from Venezuela, I love my home country, I love the culture that comes with it, how friendly people are and of course my whole family is there so I do miss being home. But now that I live here, I can truly appreciate my parent’s decision of moving to the U.S.A when was younger. I am certain it was hard leaving everything behind at that time, but I am so grateful we did because looking now at my home country, I am speechless of how corrupted it it, there is no democracy there.

The president at the moment is Nicolas Maduro, a dictator, even though he doesn’t refer himself to that, we can all agree he is. He is the only person making decisions, as it should but he doesn’t take into consideration what the country really needs, which for example should be: the basic human necessities like clean water, food, enough doctors to take care of patients, paved road, clean streets, no violence, just a safer country in general. But no, instead he makes all his decisions seem as if all the things he is doing are for the lower class/poverty, by giving the latest computer, cell phones or something similar but when in fact all they need is a home, a school for their kids, reliable source of income.

Let’s not forget that Venezuela main income is from the petroleum, which it gives to other countries, but president Maduro is basically giving everyone free or very low prices for it, which makes the country’s economy go ballistic and it changes every single day without a doubt.

Nothing in Venezuela is going well, the country is definitely heading down hill and it is very frustrating for me to watch ir from the outside wishing there was something I could do.

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