Grand Slam Quest Over for Serena Williams

Today the sun has set on a quest for a Grand Slam title. Serena Williams, the world number one, and perennial favorite was upset in dramatic fashion. The giant slayer, if you will, was Italian Roberta Vinci who brought the history-making quest to a crashing halt Friday.
Williams had several bad breaks that she could not overcome; perhaps due to the expectation of tennis fans. Not to take away from Vinci, who no one gave a chance to win, played the match of her life shaking up the tennis world. This was Serena Williams’s third loss in 56 matches this season, and she had not been beaten in 33 straight Grand Slam Matches.

This huge defeat makes you wonder if we have witnessed the end of the great Serena Williams who has dominated tennis for so long. Only time will tell.
One thing is for sure this heartbreaking loss will be tough to swallow,not because of who she lost to, but because of the history-making opportunity that was lost. That opportunity being a chance to win all four majors. Since 1988 no one has accomplished that feat in the same year; that streak will continue.
This defeat will go down in history as one of the greatest upsets ever. Right next to David beating Goliath, Buster Douglas beating Mike Tyson, And Y.E.Yang upsetting Tiger woods at the PGA championship. Roberta Vinci has indeed  joined the ranks of other giant slayers by beating Serena Williams, who had beat her on four previous occasions.

This Loss For Serena Williams serves as a constant reminder to us all, ‘every dog has his day’.

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